Poetry Editing

With immense excitement, I am happy to announce that I am officially offering poets affordable critiques. In addition to basic proofreading of your poems, I will comment on and offer revision recommendations on your poem’s content, form, tone, language, abstract and concrete imagery, sensory details, rhythm, and more.


Single Poem: $5 each
Four to Six Poems: $20
Chapbook Length Poetry Manuscript (16-35 pages): $100
Full-Length Poetry Manuscript (48-100 pages): $250

All transactions are made via PayPal.


Single Poems: Within 72 hours.
Four to Six Poems: Within 1 Week.
Chapbook Length Poetry Manuscript: Within 2 Weeks.
Full-Length Poetry Manuscript: Within 1 Month.

If your editing needs require more urgency, we can discuss expedited pricing via email.

If you have any questions or are ready to get started, fill out the “Contact” form above or shoot me an email at savannahslonewriter@gmail.com. In your email, please specify what areas you are most interested in receiving feedback on. If you’re simply looking for general feedback, that works, too. I can’t wait to read and review your work!

Side note: While I’m currently focusing on poetry, I am also open to editing your fiction and creative nonfiction pieces, so feel free to inquire. I’m here to meet all of your editing needs.

I plan to soon begin teaching online workshops on creative writing and getting started with publishing your work. Stay tuned!


  • “Savannah’s editing was very thorough, thoughtful, and informative. I felt I learned a lot from her comments on my poem. I really benefitted from her experience.”
  • “I really enjoyed the feedback from Savannah and I found it both challenging and rewarding. She was able to go to both a macro and micro level, interrogating word choice, imagery and form. She was also able to work on the level of the line, the poem and the group of poems which is so helpful when you’re trying to develop a style and voice. She was brilliant at being both uplifting and celebrating the parts of the poem that work well, as well as pushing and driving for the poem to improve. I was also very grateful that she gave me a lot of ideas about what to take away and keep thinking about (eg enjambment, word choice). She was able to have a conversation with me and my work that continued beyond the email exchange.  It was clear that she had worked hard to understand what I was writing, where I was coming from and what might work well in future – and that was deeply pleasing for me as a poet. I would definitely recommend her for all levels of poetry: beginner, intermediate and advanced.” – SK Grout
  • “Savannah provides an excellent poetry editing service. Her feedback is detailed, specific, timely and affordable. Her criticism is always constructive and encouraging. You couldn’t ask for a better mentor.” – David Hanlon